Selected video work

Lockdown xmas vlog (2020)

Inflatable, a performance by Matt Wood at the Newbridge Gallery (2016)

Seven Pillars of Wisdom, RIBA President’s Medal Entry (2015)

Ghost in the radio, a sound installation at Culture Lab (2013)

Scriptorium for OnSite, Culture Lab (2011)

Massive Light Boner for STEIM Amsterdam (2010)

Labella video showcase for CHI (2016)

Artists work-in-progress show at Culture Lab (2014)

The Digital Kitchen for iLab (2011)

Alice in Bed trailer from rehearsal (2012)

BinCam video showcase for CHI (2012)

Bradford Muslim Women’s Council, National Conference (2011)

Sundroids workshop (2011)

Holiday Romance, a site-specific performance (2011)